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Buy or sell your property in seconds with us.

Best Real Estate will publish your real estate throughout whole Europe (and rest of the world), which greatly increases the chances of renting, selling or finding real estate properties. We want to connect buyers and sellers from all over Europe.

We remind you that advertising on our site is free of charge and that the ads do not have a limited time of duration, which means when you place it once you have no longer any work.

Marketing philosophy

Best Real Estate will place your real estate ads throughout the whole of Europe, which greatly increases the chance to rent, sell or find a property.

Our website for free real estate advertising is in 4 languages, Serbian, English, German and Greek.

Administrative support

We are here for you. If you need help, feel free to contact us through the contact form and we will make an effort to respond to you as soon as possible.

Individual sales plans

Agents and agencies that are registered on our site can help you individually make a plan to sell your property. And as soon as you get to the desired result.











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Vazno obavestenje, postovani korisnici sajta. Obavestavamo vas da je sajt na prodaju sa svim inseratima koji se nalaze na njemu kao i korisnicima. Nazalost zbog manjka vremena smo primorani ili da prodamo sajt (ukoliko je neko zainteresovan) ili da ga trajno ugasimo. Troskovi za Nemacki webhosting su svega 6,99 eura mesecno (to je cena koju cete dalje morati placati ili da sajt prebacite na neki drugi jeftiniji web hosting po vasem izboru) (u Srbiji dostupno vec od 4000 dinara godisnje). Sto se tice prebacivanja celog sajta a da neizgubi ni jednu funkcionalnost mozemo vam i mi uraditi. Ukoliko je neko zainteresovan a misli da se nemoze snaci mi ga mozemo obuciti u roku od jednog dana ali je potrebno da sami dodjete do Novog Sada na obuku. Cena sajta je zaista simbolicna i bukvalno cete platiti onoliko koliko je kostao. Sajt je radjen u wordpressu. Za sve informacije mozete se obratiti na kontakt telefon +381-63-185-63-79 Igor
Viber: +381-63-185-63-79
WhatsApp: +381-63-185-63-79

Prijatan dan Vam jos zelim, Igor vlasnik sajta


Important notice, dear users of the site. We would like to inform you that the site is for sale with all the inserts on it as well as users. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, we are forced to either sell the site (if one is interested) or permanently shut it down. Costs for German webhosting are only € 6.99 per month (this is the price you will have to pay or transfer the site to some other cheaper web hosting of your choice) (available in Serbia starting from 4000 dinars a year). As for moving the entire site without losing any functionality, we can do it for you. If someone is interested and thinks they can't manage, we can train him in one day, but you need to come to Novi Sad for training yourself. The price of the site is truly symbolic and you will literally pay as much as it cost. The site was done in wordpress. For all information, please contact + 381-63-185-63-79 Igor
Viber: + 381-63-185-63-79
WhatsApp: + 381-63-185-63-79

Have a nice day, Igor owner of the site

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